Wipro Master Services Agreement

4.3 Non-exclusion. Without allowing the company (or its staff) to participate in conduct or activities that would lead to a violation or violation of a clause in this agreement, the customer recognizes that the company`s staff that provides services to the customer under this agreement may provide similar services to others from time to time, and that agreement does not prevent the company from using that staff to provide such services to those other persons. The company recognizes that the client may, from time to time, entrust similar services to other consultants, and this agreement does not prevent the client from using such consultants. 5.1 Ensuring authority; No conflict. Each party ensures that it is entitled to enter into this agreement and to fulfil its obligations under this contract and that its performance under this agreement is not contrary to, limited or contrary to, any other agreement. 5.2.4.Unless otherwise stated above, neither party provides guarantees of any kind or of any kind, whether explicit or implicit, including, but not limited, to guarantees related to commercial information or advice, results based on information or advice, guarantees of commercial or commercial quality, guarantees of suitability for a specific use or use, guarantees or conditions arising from the law or any other form of law, or guarantees of products or services provided by third parties. UK Rahul Kadavakolu Wipro Technologies – 44 792 020 5496 rahul.kadavakolu@wipro.com Anand Padmanabhan, Chief Executive – Energy, Natural Resources and Utilities, said: “We are pleased to be working with ATCO on this transformation initiative. We will focus on ATCO`s ability to improve its competitiveness through the use of strategic solutions and the efficient provision of IT services. We are confident that our domain expertise, combined with the expanded talent pool, will help us support ATCO`s growth. We have traditionally had a strong position in the field of utilities in Europe and this commitment gives momentum to our business in Canada and Australia.

The alliance with ATCO enhances our ability to create, promote and leverage local talent to drive our growth journey to Canada. 10.8 Full agreement. This agreement replaces all prior written statements, communications or agreements between the parties and, together with all annexes, constitutes the parties` final and complete understanding of the purpose of this agreement.