ENGE 1104: Exploration of the Digital Future

Since joining the Engineering Education PhD program, I have been involved with the first-year course ENGE 1104: Exploration of the Digital Future. ENGE 1104 is the second course in the first-year engineering program for students intending to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering or Computer Science. Course content includes:

  • basic circuits and breadboarding,
  • introduction to programming using MATLAB,
  • embedded systems using Arduino,
  • exploration of contemporary issues in ECE through a research report, and
  • a half-semester group project, report, and presentation.

Starting as a Workshop Leader, I taught the laboratory sections of the course (three ~32-seat laboratories per semester). After two successful semesters as a Workshop Leader, I was promoted to Course Coordinator in Fall 2013, one of only two graduate students to hold this role in the department.

As coordinator, I was responsible for all aspects of the course content, assessment, managing Workshop Leaders,and managing graders. I was also a member of the hiring team for Workshop Leaders and graders. In this position, I taught large lecture sections (~130 students) of the course as instructor of record and had overall responsibility for 130-420 students per semester.

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