Oracle Cloud License Agreement

Programs may contain a source code that, unless expressly authorized in this agreement for other purposes (e.g. B under open source license), is provided exclusively for reference purposes and cannot be changed. Palisade Compliance has helped dozens of companies around the world successfully switch to a non-Oracle cloud, maintain compliance and avoid Oracle`s additional costs. Have you heard Oracle say that it is twice as expensive to use a non-Oracle cloud? It`s not true. We help you reach the cloud provider of your choice. “Oracle” refers to Oracle America, Inc. as “you” and “your” refers to (a) a company or organization (an entity) that accesses programs when the programs are used on behalf of that entity; or (b) anyone who accesses the programs when the programs are not used on behalf of an entity. “Cloud Service” refers to oracle Cloud, which is associated with the programs you subscribe to. “contractor” refers to your representatives and contractors (including, but not limited to outsourcing). “Programs” refers to Oracle software provided by Oracle under this Agreement, as well as all updates, error corrections and/or program documentation provided by Oracle. You`ll find a complete list of this Oracle software in the program download location or in the Cloud Licensing Information Manual. “Program Documentation” refers to program manuals, including the licensing information manual and, if applicable, program installation instructions. If necessary, program documentation can be provided with the programs and/or accessed from

“Separate Conditions” refers to the separate licensing conditions indicated in the program documentation, reads or notification files that apply to a separate licensed technology. “Separate licensed technology” refers to Oracle and third-party technology that is licensed under separate conditions and not under the terms of this contract. You`ll find a list of separate licensed technologies and the corresponding terms of use in the cloud service license information manual. Most Oracle customers who switch to the cloud don`t want to use Oracle`s cloud.