Number Range For Rebate Agreement

For debtor-supplier reduction agreements, the rebuild feature clears all bookings from existing debtor providers and re-reads all billing/receiving lines of products already processed for calculating the rebate, from the start date of the agreement. If an agreement period is maintained, a manual change in the duration of the contract is not available. It can only be changed by automatically updating changes to the validity and/or date. Alternate For 1 contains the alternative clause number for another clause. Alternative fors are only assigned to the model. they are displayed only in the structure of the agreement clause. 1. Leave the contract calendar empty and you will receive the full calendar on the F4 list – I think the configuration is not a standard, but makes it mandatory… 2. that would be nice 😉3. as in the first one. If you`ve indicated it for a guy, it can only be that calendar for that type. this seems to be consistent with this principle.

(although the Auth group dictates the group of people empowered to report an agreement or make changes. These groups are defined in basic data/configurations and selected at the time the contract is implemented. The fields of the General tab are mainly used for reporting purposes and have no direct effect on compliance with the agreement itself. The General tab is divided into four sections with the applicable fields: the area indicates the specific area that is derived when a state search is used to trace area information in the agreement. For all of the billing parameters mentioned above, if maintained in the agreement, they will always replace the parameters at the lender or debtor level. If the setting is not maintained in the agreement, the setting is taken into account at the credit or debit pointer level. In discount management, supplier agreements are recorded, purchases and sales are tracked on the basis of agreements, and discount limits and requests are managed. RevisionReason If a request for agreement is created and posted to revise an existing agreement, a reason may be retained for the review. That is why the agreement itself entered into the agreement, i.e. “add or remove the participants”. On the Performance tab, a commissioning code can be assigned to the agreement to track performance and compliance using a plan/agreement. The agreement automatically assigns participants the release code.

Participants may be agreements or partners or a combination of both. Credit rebates are discount agreements in which discounts are received by a supplier. The sections, fields and buttons in this tab refer to fund management and are used for these. Fund management is the process of tracking funds allocated, budgeted or paid in advance for the total payment of a particular agreement or beyond several agreements. If the fund management is used, the following fields will be filled accordingly. These fields are empty if the fund management is not used. Fund management issues only work if Funds management is active. For more information on fund management, see Fund Management. The Organization tab fields are used to illustrate all the organizational data associated with the agreement.

The revision number is the number assigned to the obligation to agree. Reference 1 is the type of reference of the agreement when copying an agreement. The reference type is selected in the “Basic Data” section in the “Copy Pact” window. The chord number is automatically inserted into this field when an agreement is copied into a new agreement.