Non Disclosure Agreement Sample For Software Company India

“Confidential information”: any information provided by the party receiving it, subject to the following provisions (i) ii and iii) (i). It is specified that confidential information, but is not limited to including all trade secrets, technique, strategy, component, concept, program, report, study, memory, correspondence, documentation, information, manual, recording, data, data, technology, product, plan, design, procedure, method, invention, sample, notes, abstracts, analyses, compilations and other fonts, cell lines and processes and formulations for the manufacture of such a sample. middle lines and/or cell lines, Process, formula or test data for research projects, work in progress, future development, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, pricing, billing, maintenance, financing, personnel, current or future products, sales, suppliers, customers, customers, employees, investors or other information provided by the party that decides to the receiving party, whether orally, in writing, graphic or electronic, and whether or not this information is appropriately reported. However, all confidential information disclosed by the disclosure party in immaterial form is reduced to the letter by the disclosure party within thirty (30) days of disclosure, and a copy of it is forwarded to the receiving party. ii. Confidential information includes information disclosed by the party that discloses it or by individuals, companies or companies that are controlled, controlled or controlled by the revealing party. iii. Confidential information must not contain information which the receiving party can prove to the public party: a. is now or has not been held by an act or non-compliance on the part of the receiving party, which is known or accessible to the public; B. is known to the receiving party at the time of receipt of the information provided in its records; c. is discovered/developed independently by the receiving party, regardless of the information provided by the part of the publication; or d. Below will be the party receiving by a third party as a matter of law and without limitation of disclosure on appeal. “partner”: any entity that is subject to direct or indirect control by a contracting party, which is under common control or is under common control, by more than fifty percent (50%) as far as I`m concerned.

voting shares or similar shares in such a party. “representative”: any physical or commercial entity, including directors, senior executives, employees, representatives, advisors (including financial advisors, accountants and accountants) and supervisors representing a party to this agreement. (h) This agreement can be executed in two counter-parts, each of which is considered original, but which together form the same agreement. A confidentiality agreement generally contains the following clauses: Finally, we must indicate which state laws are competent for the obligations defined in this agreement. Report this situation after the words “… “State” at point 4. In the event of a dispute, misunderstanding or disagreement arising from or in relation to this agreement, the parties agree to find an amicable solution by mutual consultation. If the parties do not resolve such a dispute, such a dispute will be definitively resolved through a binding arbitration procedure, in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act, as amended from time to time.

Such an arbitration procedure takes place in New Delhi, India, and is conducted in English. Step 2 – The date the agreement is reached and the names of the parties can be indicated in the first paragraph.