Mother Agency Contract Agreement

This type of contract is only good for one booking. Once the project is completed, the contract will end. Make sure that all the details – such as how much you will pay, how your photos will be used, how long they will be used, and restrictions on collaboration with competing companies – are clearly explained in the contract. It is always advisable to work with an agency that can help you with this type of contract rather than signing yourself. If you sign an exclusive contract with a modeling agency, you can only be represented by that agency for the duration of the contract. Sometimes there are exceptions – the term “exclusive” can be limited by time, geography or modeling mode – but if you work with a high-end agency like Ford or Wilhelmina Models, it means you can`t sign with someone else without their permission. Parent agencies are often smaller local modeling agencies. To help its models book more lucrative jobs and book important jobs, the parent agency will often promote its models to other larger market agencies such as New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo. Exclusive modeling contracts are the most common for fashion and writing models. As a general rule, editorial models cannot be represented by multiple agencies in a given market. In other words, you can`t have more than one agency in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan or London. However, they can have an agency in any market.

Most modeling contracts are somewhat similar, but most serious modeling agencies are concerned about keeping the details of their contracts confidential. A modeling contract includes things like: how to divide the model`s revenues between the model and the agency; the duration of the contract (most are between 1 and 3 years and extend automatically, unless one of the parties has a notice period of 30 to 60 days); Whether the contract gives the Agency global exclusivity or if the model can be represented simultaneously by other agencies; and how the model must behave and maintain its statistics (measures) in order for the contract to be respected. In addition, the treaty will talk about things like taxation and other expenditures that are the responsibility of the model. If your contract does not contain any of this information, you need to know why and get answers before you consent. A non-exclusive contract gives models the ability to sign with as many agencies as they want, and perhaps find their own part-time agencies. This is more common for business models than high or editorial fashion models. You can`t get as many opportunities or as much advice with a non-exclusive agency as with an exclusive, but this type of contract offers models a lot of freedom.