Joint Project Development Agreement

The City is committed to making any changes to the project development agreement available to the developer within 10 days of the date of this change. The city, the university, the Commission, the Foundation and the Mixed Committee are joining forces not to amend the project development agreement in a way that would affect the joint committee`s ability to pay its obligations to the developer in accordance with the terms of the public-private agreement or the filing agreement, if due, without the developer`s consent. In addition to the terms defined in this note and the credit agreement, the terms activated, but not otherwise defined, have the meaning assigned to them in the project development agreement by and between the manufacturer, pays, City of West Lafayette, Indiana City (“The Trustees of Purdue University”) (“PDA” set). There is no need to interpret a provision that would result in subletting, lease, collection list, TIF support facility agreement, project development agreement or obligations constituting a debt of the joint committee, city or university within the meaning of Articles X or XIII of the State Constitution. In accordance with the Project Development Agreement (PDA) [ref. 14] clause 6.2, CRL is responsible for the entire management of the De Crossrail plant program.