Iah Agreement

These agreements between the governments of Alberta and Canada help provide affordable housing for Albertans Waive section 4.2 of the original Agreement of June 15, 2018 on Investment in Affordable Housing. In April 2009, the extension of the assistance initiative and the 2009 economic stimulus were signed as part of the Affordable Initiative Initiative Agreement, with each level of government contributing to the provincial homelessness initiative, the Seniors Rental Initiative and the Housing Renovation Partnership. In April 2007, a Schedule E Amendment was signed between Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and BC Housing, which complements the Social Advancement Agreement. In January 2012, the parties signed a second contract letter (amendment to Schedule C) incorporating the rent assistance program into the contract. In August 2016, the Canadian government signed a third unilateral letter of amendment confirming the implementation of the limited lump sum waiver to clause 9(d) of the Social Housing Agreement. On March 8, 2019, a 10-year agreement was signed between the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta. The agreement will invest $678 million in the protection, renewal and expansion of social and community housing in Alberta. Funding for the Investment in Affordable Housing (AHI) is provided through bilateral agreements between the CMHC and all provinces and territories. Under these agreements, provinces and territories publicly report, based on agreed indicators, on progress towards the expected results of the investment. You will also find below copies of the CMHC`s provincial/territorial agreements as well as links to the provinces and territories` public communication on the results of the AHI agreement. In December 2001, the Canadian government and Province B.C. announced the first bilateral agreement under the Canada-British Columbia Affordable Agreement. In July 2011, the Canadian government and Province B.C.

announced a $180 million affordable housing investment agreement to address a number of housing needs for low-income individuals, families and seniors. Each level of government contributed $90 million over three years (April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2014). Funding programs for the initial phase of the agreement are: Agreement with CMHC: CMHC – Yukon Agreement to Invest in Affordable Housing (PDF) Yukon has entered into an agreement with CMHC on investments in affordable housing with effect from April 1, 2014, which replaces previous delivery agreements. Province B.C. and the Government of Canada contributed $88.7 million over four years from April 1, 2002 to March 31, 2006. With funding from this agreement, approximately 3,900 units have been created by the Provincial Housing Program, independent Living BC and the Community Partnership Initiatives Program. Through the AHI, the Government of Canada recognizes that provinces and territories are in the best position to decide how funding is targeted to make a lasting difference. . .