Guarantor In Hire Purchase Agreement

(ii) all conditions and guarantees of quality are expressly denied and the lessor proves that the tenant has acknowledged in writing that the statement was made known to him. Less deposit and payments paid RM…………… Balance due on agreement RM……………. (ii) the amount paid or made available by the tenant as part of the agreement, in cash or any other amount or in the tenant`s account; “trader”: a person who is unable to rent or a able landlord or an agent of the owner who conducted or conducted negotiations on his behalf that resulted in the execution of a lease-sale agreement with the owner, or by whom or on whose behalf the transaction that resulted in a lease-sale agreement with the landlord was concluded; “goods”: any replacement or renewal by the tenant of parts or parts of a party, as well as any accessories added by the tenant during the tenancy period, or any additions that have been added; “rental contract”: a lease of property with an option to purchase and a contract to purchase goods in tranches (if the contract describes the rates as rent or rent or otherwise), but no agreement — a) ownership of the goods it contains pass at the time of the contract or at some point before the delivery of the goods; or, in this regard, the assignee agrees with the landlord that he is personally obliged to pay the unpaid payments and to comply with and comply with all other provisions and conditions of the tenancy agreement for the remainder of his term, the assignee compensating the tenant for these debts; and (b) bear the reasonable costs (if any) incurred by the owner when the stamp or registration of the contract of sale or counterparties. 20. In any legal proceedings relating to a tenancy agreement, the jurisdiction before which the proceedings are pending may, after taking possession of the goods, vary or render any judgment or decision of a court against the tenant to recover money, as long as it is necessary for the purposes of the effect of Section 18. PART V 31. (1) If the minimum amount of the surety for goods or categories of goods is not mandatory, the landlord who enters into a tenancy agreement without receiving a cash or merchandise deposit from the proposed tenant, partly in cash and partly in goods, for a value of at least one tenth of the cash price of the goods covered by the contract , is guilty of an offence under this Act. 17. 1.

Where a landlord has taken possession of the goods in accordance with Section 16, he may, without the written consent of the tenant, surrender or dispose of the goods or parts they own until the expiry of the day twenty-one days after the expiry date of the notification referred to in paragraph 16, paragraph 3, or, if this has been notified in accordance with paragraph 18 paragraph 1, point a). , until the payment or offer period provided for by this notice (depending on what is later) expires.