Franchise Agreement Adalah

57 / KPPU / 2009, which is the answer to the exception of Article 50, point b), which provides that the franchise agreement is excluded from the application of Law No. 5 / 1999. The five conditions so far excluded are the sale price, the obligation to purchase deliveries from franchisees, the obligation to purchase other goods and services from franchisees, territorial restrictions and the obligation not to carry out the same activities for a specified period after the expiry of the franchise agreement. My advice is first to mature the concept and first to lead and evaluate the success of the company. For the initial phase, it may be best if you enter first as a business opportunity (BO), as the conditions are not as strict as for franchises. Well, if the business turned out to be successful, you just entered a franchise. A long-term contract protects you as a franchisee and franchisee. Franchise opportunities can be expensive and you`ll want to protect your investment. Whether you are able to negotiate terms, it is always important that you appoint a franchise lawyer to verify the franchise agreement and the FDD. I have a franchise agreement, but I`m sorry I can`t share it because I was bound by an agreement with the franchisee. But overall, the same as in the article. The following example (see photo) shows the purchase phases of the domino pizza franchise in America.

Excerpt from the website. Note Step 7, the signing of the contract agreement is even new after the franchisee has received his business training program. .