Ags Enterprise Agreement

There is some flexibility in the position, and the focus of your work may vary depending on your interests and PIAC needs. For example, there is room for manoeuvre in other practical areas of the strategic process team. As a guide, you are expected to: You will be responsible for PIAC Principal Solicitor, with daily follow-up and tutoring from other senior solicitors at PIAC. They work at PIAC and primarily advise clients through the ABoriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and Torres Strait Driving Program and the Legal Home People Service (HPLS). They also have the opportunity to carry out political development work and strategic litigation. The graduate/lawyer has the opportunity to participate in the initial and continuing training offered by the AGS. The lawyer will also be able to participate in all training courses offered to DE PIAC and HPLS lawyers. The graduate has access to an in-house mentor (at PIAC or AGS) and an external mentor (an Aboriginal or Torres-strait person in the community law economics sector). This position will be a pro-bono detachment agreement between AGS and PIAC. They are employed directly by the AGS (a group within the Attorney General`s office) and notified to the AGS National Manager Pro Bono Services. You will also participate in the AGS for training sessions and other events from time to time. As you are employed by AGS, there are certain restrictions on the work you can do at PIAC to avoid any conflict of interest.